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Breaking Down the Barriers in Behavior-Based Safety

A high-functioning BBS program comes with its own set of challenges, many of which result from…


Capitalizing on the Feedback Opportunity in Behavior-Based Safety: Three Best Practices

Safety professionals and leaders are turning to data automation innovations that help to eliminate manual data entry bottlenecks.


Safety Observations: Finding the Right Balance Between Mobile and Paper

As mobile and handheld computing innovations play an increasingly important role in IT strategy, will they revolutionize the data collection process in BBS? Paper might be considered low-tech, but it’s also practical, inexpensive and familiar. The challenge becomes how to get the safety data captured in those paper forms into spreadsheets, databases or online systems.


Building a High-Performance Safety Culture

SafetyCapture delivers the behavior-based safety system and integrated services you need to build a high-performance safety culture. It starts with a strategic, 360° approach to your data: how you collect and capture it, how you process it, and how you communicate timely safety insight throughout your organization.


Communicating Safety Lessons Learned

There are many ways to capture current safety data, ranging from simple pen-and-paper to sophisticated computer and mobile-device tools. A prudent safety professional takes advantage of all of these methods to create a complete safety picture and keep his or her data up to date. As a safety professional, of course you have gathered all of your forms, entered the data, and have a clear view of your program.