Scantron Print Services Team

Partnering with the Scantron Print Services Team gives you the flexibility, convenience, and advantage of a reliable, proven source to produce all of your assessment, survey, and data collection materials. From design services and print production to delivery and fulfillment services, we have a total suite of offerings to help you successfully execute your program.

Scantron offers a complete line of pre-packaged, OMR scan forms to meet your testing and survey needs. Our distribution center stocks over 325 different scan forms that can be easily ordered at our online store or through our customer service department.

We are dedicated to delivering superior products and services that you can count on. Our print facility is over 120,000 square feet and specializes in the design, production, and fulfillment of assessment, survey, and high-stakes data capture projects. It meets rigorous quality standards and is ISO-9001:2015 certified—a certification of which we are very proud.

Scantron DesignExpert™

Scantron DesignExpert software is a versatile tool that allows you to design scannable forms for both OMR (optical mark recognition) and image-based forms processing applications. Scantron DesignExpert allows you to:

  • Design cut sheets, continuous forms, multi-part forms, and booklets
  • Reduce design time and speed up the approval process
  • Make changes in minutes
  • Save on composition costs

How to Buy Pre-Packaged Forms

View our comprehensive catalog of standard forms online at www.ScantronStore.com or download a PDF for a specific application.

  • Online: ScantronStore.com
  • Telephone: 800-722-6876
  • Fax: 800-776-6644
  • Mail:
    Scantron Corporation
    Attn: Customer Service
    1313 Lone Oak Road
    Eagan, MN 55121-1334

Watch High-Precision Printing in Action

Think bubble forms aren’t “techy” enough? This video will make you change your mind.