Increase the useful life of your equipment and dramatically reduce unplanned downtime due to hardware failures.

Scantron’s onsite maintenance programs include cleaning and inspection of the device being served at the time of repair. Our goals are aligned because proactive maintenance reduces our cost to serve you as well. During our scheduled preventive maintenance routines, we completely clean and inspect the entire system and replace any worn parts.

Maintenance Schedule


Annual Failure Preparation Routine

Clients and Standalone PCs

Preventive maintenance when serviced

Printers: multi-function, plotters, laser, inkjet

Preventive maintenance when serviced

Printers: dot matrix, thermal, image scanners

Annual preventive maintenance

Printers: line

Semi-annual preventive maintenance

Proof machines, encoders and check imaging systems

Semi-annual preventive maintenance

Terminals, modems, multiplexors, routers

Preventive maintenance when serviced

Scantron Scanners

Annual or semi-annual preventive maintenance